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Account Manager/Business Development

Maintain and expand the corporate image of excellence through sales of quality products and services, servicing the customers’ needs, and providing open lines of communication to our clients. Increase knowledge of customer service techniques and sales of quality products and services.

1. Minimum two years experience in sales.
2. Two-years experience in field landscape maintenance procedures or equivalent.
3. Two-years experience in field construction procedures or equivalent.
4. Degree in the horticulture-related field or extensive horticulture training.

1. Produce budgeted sales of new maintenance, enhancement, and snow contracts.
2. Provide accurate job setup and follow-through for all contracts sold.
3. Maintain and grow large profile/portfolio client relationships through monthly site visits and timely follow-up on requests.
4. Communication of client needs to maintenance, enhancements, and snow departments, as the primary contact person with the client.
5. Maintain renewal accounts for maintenance and snow clients in your portfolio.

1. Proactively manage clients’ satisfaction and service delivery by anticipating potential challenges and monitoring satisfaction.
2. Review, plan and participate in internal training activities on a daily basis through the support and guidance of the sales manager.
3. Provide project inspection, advisement, and coordination between client and maintenance, enhancement, and snowplow crews.
4. Develop and maintain quality repeat clientele and generate yearly renewal contracts.
5. Support public relations program through print materials, ads, website, press releases, award entries, photography schedules, trade shows, networking events, etc.
6. Involvement in snowplowing operations to include new sales, renewals, and liaison between client and snow manager.
7. Follow policies and procedures regarding client contact, bidding implementation, collections, client follow-up, and feedback.
8. Act as the primary contact person between client and company.
9. Solicit new maintenance work through sales process to include referrals and cold-calls, with a concentration within our existing property routes.
10. Majority of enhancement and design/build sales to be generated through current or prospective maintenance clients and through the completion of regular site analysis.
11. Snowplow sales to include referrals and cold calls as outlined in the snowplow sales plan.
12. Support administration personnel in the collection of accounts receivable generated by your clientele.
13. Participate in all scheduled sales meetings and sales events.

Salary: $65,000.00 - $85,000.00 per year

Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
Paid time off

Please send resumes to [email protected]