Each year, ILCA invests considerable resources in the development and production of its educational programs. The training spans a wide variety of topics and have been produced, tested and improved during ILCA sponsored events. ILCA encourages member companies, non-profits, and other entities to use the professionally designed, developed and tested materials, along with ILCA approved instructors, to ensure the highest possible quality education in the landscape field.
with one photocopy-ready master of the most recent version of the presentation below. Licensee may reproduce as many copies of these workbooks as necessary for use only at the training session. No changes or additions may be made to the workbooks to ensure a consistent product is delivered to workshop participants. Workbook masters will be delivered to licensee within 30 days of the workshop as long as payment and a signed agreement have been received.

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Workshop Materials Include:
An electronic version of the presentation handout that contains content in English and Spanish, a Certificate Template, and an Evaluation Template.
Workshop Costs:
In return for the above,
understands and agrees to the following: 1. We agree that the above named ILCA approved instructor(s) will teach the workshop. 2. We will pay ILCA $500 per workshop and will return payment with a signed copy of this agreement. 3. We will pay the certified instructor an honorarium of $1700 per workshop and will send payment directly to the instructor or pay upon completion of the workshop. 4. We will pay the certified instructor for any travel expenses incurred if the event is more than two hours from the instructor’s house. In that instance, we will send payment directly to the instructor or pay upon completion of the workshop. 5. We will use the ILCA logo on all advertising materials where the workshops is mentioned and the ILCA logo will be prominently displayed on the preliminary program and final program. 6. We agree to advertise the workshop as an “ILCA Certified Workshop”. 7. We agree to distribute to and collect post-workshop evaluations from participants (master copy provided by ILCA) and to return copies of evaluations to ILCA Headquarters within 30 days of the conference (scanned copies are acceptable). 8. We understand that ILCA is in no way responsible for any costs incurred to produce the workshops and agree to hold ILCA harmless for all liability incurred in accordance with the production of the workshop. 9. We understand that any audio/visual aids are the responsibility of the workshop licensee. For GOOD CONSIDERATION AND THE SUM OF $500.00 US dollars, both parties agree as outlined above.
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