October 20, 2022




ILCA Members Only Webinar - October 20th at 9am

Webinar: Benchmarking the Landscape Industry in 2022 – Where do you stand?

How is your year going? Are you up, down, or sideways? ILCA is here to help you benchmark your 2022 with clear and concise data pulled from hundreds of other landscape companies across the Midwest and the nation. ILCA is thrilled to invite Bryan Mours, VP of Customer Experience with Aspire Software, to provide an overview of their Annual Benchmark Report. This report pulls real data from landscape clients to give an exact answer as to how everyone is doing this year.

Moderated by the ILCA Membership Committee Chair Aaron Zych of ILT Vignocchi, this webinar will demonstrate how successful companies drive data to analyze and improve performance and margins. This webinar is for ILCA members only!

Non-members must join here if they wish to participate: https://ilca.net/join-ilca.

Webinar outline:

  • Benchmark Report – Discuss how companies are performing from a local and national standpoint
  • KPI’s at Your Company – The ability to capture good data to analyze your business is important to producing good KPI’s
  • Production – How good data is captured
  • Estimating – Everything starts with a plan
  • Q&A

You simply cannot miss this webinar if you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about your 2022 and what the landscape industry may hold for all of us in 2023.

Organizer: Marissa Stubler

Click here to contact [email protected] for further information about this event.

Bryan Mours
VP of Customer Experience
Aspire Software