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The Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) welcomes registered irrigation contractors to join the ILCA! ILCA will protect irrigation contractors from any outside assault on your business whether through excessive regulation or threats to your state license.

We got your back!

ILCA was instrumental in protecting and extending state licensure requirements for irrigation professionals. That fight will come again and we want to stand with you and be ready with our contracted lobbyist and industry-wide affiliations and strength.


We got your brain, too!

ILCA is equipped to provide the training and education you need to grow your business and meet the State of Illinois’ continuing education requirements. We are a registered provider of continuing education.


Talented representation looking after your needs!

ILCA has also launched an Irrigation Committee that has the resources they need to represent this vital segment of the green industry. Led by Alex Mayfield, JM Irrigation, it is a cross-section of contractors and suppliers working to protect and inform irrigation professionals just like you!


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Active Irrigation Contractors List

(List Date – 5/10/19)

Each irrigation contractor in the state of Illinois must register annually with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The current list of active irrigation contractors is below.

NOTE: This list is for reference purposes only and may not be current at all times. The Illinois Department of Public Health is the only state agency that can confirm the registration status of any irrigation company. https://www.dph.illinois.gov

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Have questions?

Contact Scott Grams at [email protected]

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