ILCA Excellence in Landscape Awards Program

As the Excellence in Landscape Awards Program application requires several steps, we have provided this system which will allow you to save the progress of your application. In order to implement this we require the following information.

Review the Awards Entry Submission Guidelines and Awards Preparation Tips before getting started.

To ensure that your entered information is not lost due to computer or technical errors, ILCA advises applicants to type their entry descriptions into Microsoft Word (or another text program) and then copy and paste the information into the appropriate sections of the online application-OR-copy and paste the descriptions entered into the online application into Word (or another text program) before submitting or saving the application.

Award Winning Projects

Select an Application to Begin – Deadline 10/30/23

A sample application has been uploaded for reference. We recommend saving your work in a Word or similar document in the event of a technical difficulty.

Applications may be saved for completion at a later time.
An email will be sent to the submitter with the link.

Applications that have not been updated for 120 days will be removed from the system