Camp Aramoni

By Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

Camp Aramoni used to be Ristokrat Clay Products Company. It opened in 1870 and closed in 1981 due to numerous operating inefficiencies. After closing, the majority of the brickyard was demolished. In 2019, our firm was contacted and awarded the project, with the site being used for an industry like brick making there needed to be many tests done to assure that the site would thrive after installation. Our design team alongside our contracting team set out to restore this site to what it once was prior to being an industrial plant. After a multitude of assessments and inventories of current species, our team was able to create a plan that would restore the beauty of the site with species that once called that area home. The natives that were planted established and flourished beyond our clients expectations and have brought multiple praises to our team. During the flowering season of the native wildflowers there are butterflies & pollinators in every direction, swaths of colorful flowers, and wonderful floral fragrance.