Converging Gardens

By Scott Byron & Co., Inc.

Converging Gardens continues to amaze all who witness its extraordinary evolution. The journey from a mere vision to the meticulous drawings and, ultimately, a breathtaking reality leaves onlookers in awe. What makes this achievement truly remarkable is the predominantly manual labor involved, a testament to our team's dedication to precision and detail without relying heavily on heavy machinery. One of the project's wonders lies in the ingenious use of existing elevations, effortlessly creating a seamless transition from the house to the pool area. This intricate design includes the relocation of large arborvitaes, skillfully repurposed to serve as an elegant screen, preserving both privacy and aesthetics. The ever-changing palette of seasonal colors, achieved through carefully selected plants, ensures year-round vibrancy. The strategic rotation of annual beds and containers in spring, summer, fall, and even winter bursts with an explosion of colors that constantly rejuvenates the landscape. Converging Gardens stands as a remarkable testament to what is achievable in landscaping, inspiring through its beauty and showcasing the boundless potential of manual craftsmanship and creative design.