Conway Arts and Crafts – Swimming Pool Retreat

By Arrow Land + Structures

A Conway Farms / Lake Forest classic! We removed an old tennis court in the rear yard and transformed the area into an outstanding swimming pool retreat. We carefully crafted various spaces around the swimming pool. The firepit area overlooks the view of the custom jacuzzi which spills graciously into the pool. The outdoor kitchen is decked out with various amenities that make alfresco cooking and dining a breeze. Light shade is provided by the elegant pergola which we designed to mimic the rhythm and architecture of the home. The material palette of this project was selected to create a cohesive look and style with the home. The vegetation and landscape around the various areas was designed to provide lush pockets of green throughout. Softscape and hardscape embrace one another - privacy is created with deciduous and evergreen hedges - all the while the views to the home and views out towards the golf course are preserved and highlighted.