Honoring Shagbark

By Night Light Landscape Illumination, Inc.

Shagbark was an exercise in honoring a historic property. Though few of the original shagbark hickories remain, the ambling drive up to the house is a celebration of mature shade trees with moonlights casting a filtered glow to guide visitors up the ambling drive. You’ll see a flagpole up-lit on one side and get a glimpse of the home through the accent lit ornamental trees. Entering through the second set of pillars to the large turnaround, notice warm-toned lighting splashed onto the architectural elements. The vegetation is lit with a neutral tone for a true-to-life color impression. The closer you get, the more you can feel the luxurious sensory experience the client envisioned with layered impact from every angle. The garden paths are also lit with dappled moonlight and lined with accent lighting on trees to make the property accessible in the evening hours.