Deer Park Town Center Seasonal Flowers

By The Riedell Group

This project was difficult because we had to keep inside the desired budget with the most vibrant and catching look. We started with looking at the native perennials planted in the area and worked on finding flowers that would complement them. Then we got more detailed and found flowers that would look good layered and stacked from all angles. We also had to match many different light levels across all 43 containers and six display beds. This challenged us to have a design theme that gave all the plants the same look but thrive in their different conditions throughout the property. This project showed the colors of the seasons with seasonal displays and flowers throughout the property's beds and containers. A Summer display filled with color meant to slow passersby and attract them to visit the property. For Fall a grand display was installed throughout the property with many little bursts of decorations. We decorated a gazebo that was used for pictures and a main stage of selfies galore. We overcame the seasons challenges and exceeded our customers' expectations.