Downtown Educational Ecosystem

By Knob Hill Landscape Company

Natural ecosystem in the middle of downtown Springfield. We began this project by removing over 500 yards of concrete and re-bar that once formed a large concrete reflecting pond and fountain. Created with over 600 tons of mossy-sandstone boulders, this ecosystem will feature a main pond, a shallow water intake bay/pre-filter and three waterfalls for increased oxygenation of the water. This entire 160,000-gallon ecosystem is re-circulated through the large wetland filtration system, showcasing the importance of native wetlands to the health of local aquatic ecosystems. Many varieties of aquatic plantings and native hardwoods dot the shoreline and wetland areas to aid in biomimicry. In addition to the ecosystem a large permeable paver patio with a large shade sail system was constructed just off the west edge of the main pond. Overall, as this project matures and becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem it will be as if mother nature was here first.