Elegant Oasis

By Western DuPage Landscaping, Inc.

Setting foot on this Elegant Oasis leaves you wishing it was your own. Mature trees and elegant planting beds filled with Japanese Maple trees, hydrangeas, roses, boxwoods, and gorgeous perennials linger playfully as you make your way through the property. Our client loves entertaining family and friends, but also needs time for relaxation as well. Close attention to detail is expected from our weekly visits to their home. Our knowledgeable team of maintenance professionals weed, deadhead, edge and trim each week to ensure that this property is a site to behold for all who visit or pass by. The stately lawn benefits from weekly mowing by our experienced crew. With a trained eye they work to detect and prevent any future issues that might occur. Six seasons of meticulous collaboration and careful monitoring, combined with our high standard of detail, have resulted in successful garden and outdoor entertainment spaces for our clients’ family and friends to enjoy.