Lake Holiday

By Renovatio Landscape and Design

This project was no easy task, accessibility to the project site was difficult. Staging of materials had to be conducted at a common area over 600 feet away with steep and uneven terrain to navigate bringing over 100 tons of granite boulders, heritage flagstone and outcropping steps. Renovatio Landscape and Design trucked in loads of clay fill to create ramps for the bobcat to navigate the steep grade with the stone materials to be installed. Essentially the project was constructed from the top down versus the bottom up. Record rainfalls made it too dangerous to move materials up the hill or even from the common area access as the track machine would slide down the hill. After battling mother nature through the spring, summer, and fall season of 2019, the hardscaping portion of the project was completed just before Thanksgiving of 2019. The following June of 2020 over 200 perennials and trees were installed, followed by a top of the line FX luminaire lighting system. The end result exceeded our clients’ expectations and is to date the most extensive and difficult project in 26 years of service that has been completed by the company. This project in itself was the greatest award when completed for our staff.