Native Oasis

By Mariani Landscape

This project was created for a young family who wanted to live as environmentally responsibly as they could when they built their home and garden. It was who they were and how they wanted to behave as global citizens. Our objective was to greet them at that intersection, bring harmony into focus, and help them understand how they could be good stewards of nature. To achieve harmony, we extended indoors to outdoors and we worked with fully organic plantings and natives throughout. While it wasn’t a great property upon move-in, they got the absolute best out of it by being respectful of resources and following a LEAD-certified directive to guide the pathway forward. Together we all said, “Wetlands are cool. Pollinators are cool. Not having an irrigation system? Cool.” We helped them pass this stewardship from parent to child, creating a laboratory of learning in their own back yard.