Natural Connections

By Reflections Water Gardens

The natural world is all about making connections that help people learn and grow. Our project, “Natural Connections,” has our client, their adult children and their grandchildren enjoying outdoor water experiences that create memorable family moments and inspire a sense of wonder. To address the client’s requests for a legacy water feature, we drained and removed old field tiles, installed a filter and added a liner to the 5,000 square foot pond at the rear of the property. In front, a footbridge between the driveway and home’s entryway crossed a dry creek bed, an old drainage swale. Our plan was to renovate and connect the two features. Accommodating a 5 to 6 foot grade change, we sculpted a meandering, 419-linear-foot stream with mini-waterfalls. Running parallel along the side of the house, the stream is a “seam” that complements the neighboring natural prairie and connects the dry creek bed and pond.