Outdoor Classroom

By Premier Landscape Contractors

The outdated outdoor area at Oak School in Hinsdale was not living up to potential; leading us to transform a dated outdoor space into an engaging, usable area with a natural feel required extensive communication with the client and their interested parties. Using natural plantings, a circular flow to the design, and a custom oak leaf as a stone centerpiece, an inviting space was created that allows kids to gather, learn, or socialize. Logs of varying heights and boulder outcropping stones of varying sizes provide seating with an element of fun. Two log pathways lead to a meeting area in the center of the softscape area, inviting kids to enter. Curved edges of the patio space make for a variety of sightlines and an increased sense of space within the area itself. Raised garden beds were added for interactive features, for the kids to create edible gardens of their own. Overall, the emphasis was on creating something contemporary yet approachable, durable yet beautiful, and designed yet natural. The outdoor classroom created here now teaches children of all ages about the outdoor environment. With the design centered around interactive learning through nature, this low maintenance garden includes areas to gather, play, and explore nature.