Polo Perfection

By A.M. Woodland Outdoor Design

The challenge involved enhancing the décor for a traditionally understated polo event, which had previously featured minimal decorations like a few mums at the main entrance. The objective was to elevate the entire entry experience, which encompassed the journey from the parking lot, a small bridge over a creek, a VIP welcoming area, and a path leading to the polo fields. The creative team had the liberty to reimagine the event's aesthetics but required a strong collaboration to maintain its charm and integrity. Three distinct spaces - the main entry, VIP area, and walk to the polo field - needed thoughtful design for this highly attended event. The challenge was to accommodate foot, golf cart, and horse traffic while respecting the private residence where the event was held. Temporary solutions were devised to conceal imperfections in the property, and bold, deconstructible structures such as a pergola and fireplace were erected to infuse luxury into the event's ambiance. Various plants and design elements drew attention to entry points, and the entire transformation was completed in under a day. The property owner was so impressed that they considered making these enhancements permanent for future events and everyday use.