Ramped & Revamped Mid-Century Ranch

By Nature's Perspective Landscaping

While searching for an accessible home, our clients chose to renovate a mid-century ranch and contracted with us to complement the architects’ beautiful interior vision, with an elegant, contemporary, and functional landscape design. We utilized timeless materials to create a new limestone ramp for entry to the front door, regardless of ability. The rear hardscape employed recycled existing pavers and created a wheelchair-accessible vegetable planter. A drainage system now clears the excess water out soon after a storm – an essential element for this previously wet backyard. An elegant palette of white blooms pops against a gorgeous Japanese Maple in the front, while chartreuse is the main act in the rear garden. The low-voltage lighting system was the finishing touch on this revamped ranch --- under-coping lights help navigate the ramp, while the new plantings are illuminated, casting shadows and adding depth to this stunning property.