Rosalind Franklin University

By Balanced Environments, Inc.

Rosalind Franklin University has been a client since April 1, 2004. This 97-acre property with 48-acres of groomed campus and 20 acres of non-permeable parking lot sits in the northern suburbs of Chicago sandwiched between several highly classified government properties. The mission is to create a serene environment for students to decompress and create an environment that feels like home. We have maintained a crisp, clean visual while maintaining high horticulture and safety standards. Perennial and shrub plantings are enhanced annually to further diversify the property while providing maximum color and interest on a more permanent basis. Creative designs for flora and hardscapes as well as flawless production execution have developed both the marketing and functional areas of campus. Outdoor activity spaces were designed, developed, and maintained for students to decompress. Snow and ice services keep students and employees safe. The landscape is beautiful and enjoyed year-round.