Timeless Elegance

By Rosborough Partners, Inc.

Our client’s lifestyle requires comfortable space to entertain family and friends with a level of privacy, challenged by their narrow in-town lot. The homeowner’s aesthetic exudes calm elegance so their landscape must reflect the same. For that purpose, it is important for our team to be proactive in maintaining their gardens and outdoor entertaining areas to keep them trimmed and cleared of organic debris. Our team of garden stewards maintains the parkway, lawn and grass steps, and keeps the planting beds edged, clipped, deadheaded and mulched. The lovely back gardens that surround both terraces are monochromatic so rely on continuous pruning and proactive plant health care to maintain proper health and beauty so that each plant’s unique form and texture is emphasized. Two blue stone terraces require weekly monitoring and cleaning to keep the areas free of debris and ready for entertaining. The sweeping back lawn and back gardens benefit from weekly mowing and maintenance to retain peak health and beauty.