Tower Crossing

By Moore Landscapes, LLC

Tower Crossing is a luxurious community of 154 elegant brick townhomes wrapped around The Glen Town Center’s restaurants, shops, and movie theater. The HOA wants a lush, full landscape with a symmetrical, neat, well-shaped appearance that connects the widely dispersed community. Four color rotations plus perennial beds and holiday décor fulfill the client’s desire for vibrant, year-round seasonal color. The 90,000-square-feet of turf receives five applications to thicken roots, promote vigor and suppress weeds. Black gypsum is applied along curbs and sidewalks before snow operations to help rebalance soil pH and neutralize salt damage. PHC, deep root feeding, pruning, and fungicide and insecticide applications for the site’s 443 deciduous, ornamental and evergreen trees are managed with a tree inventory. The property’s 80,500-square-feet of planting beds contain diverse evergreen and deciduous shrubs with varied growth rates and flowering timeframes. Shrubs are continuously tended to keep the uniform height the client desires.