Village of Montgomery-Foxmoor East

By Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

Foxmoor has always had a problem with invasive species taking over their natural areas. Constantly mowing of Canadian Thistle & Queen Anne's Lace in attempts to reduce their abundance never seem to work. When our firm was contacted by the client they wanted to take another approach to getting rid of these species. They had heard that planting native species & prescribed fire might be the way to fix their invasive species problem. Many of the basins had diversity in them but not many had established native plants due to the invasive species choking them out and not allowing them to grow. By removing the invasive species for multiple years and planting & seeding natives in those areas our firm managed to bring the population of the invasive species down to minimum. This allowed us to begin to establish a strong community of native plants that would make a natural netting of deep root systems, making the shoreline less likely to be the victim of erosion. After more than a decade of stewardship, this basin has become an oasis for native species of plants, pollinators, and fauna native to Northern Illinois.