Welcome Home

By Reflections Water Gardens

“Welcome Home” is a serene greeting at the end of a stressful day for a high-profile client who works in the city. Located at his family home in Chicago’s western suburbs, the 6-foot formation is designed as a natural hillside waterfall. As wrought-iron gates open gracefully at the mouth of an interlocking brick driveway, they reveal a serene Northwoods scene that is a balance of natural foliage, weathered sandstone and falling waters. The tiered recirculating waterfall is comfortably “at home” with surrounding mature trees and shrubs. A once unsightly drainage swale is remade with tasteful cobblestones and serves a functional purpose by recirculating hundreds of gallons of water per hour. Water emanates easily from a pool reservoir, then up and over the large structure. Three pumps – one discharged in the middle and two at the top – guide the flow as water naturally cascades over boulders and tumbles over seven mini-falls.