Yaqoob Residence

By Lightscape Inc.

The client approached us with a goal in mind: Safe, different, and elegant. Working with us, we make sure that lighting is not only functional but artistic in its own way with every project. In order to be different and light the drive, we chose beacon fixtures to illuminate the drive. We proposed to light the trees around the driveway to create enough ambient lighting and use that to support the beacon fixtures lighting the driveway. Approaching the rear area, there was a seamless transition from the drive towards the rear. The client also had a desire to make use of the rear area in the evenings. We used the features and installed under coping lights and brick lights to enhance the rear area and provide visibility for nighttime use. The client and his family loved how everything turned out. Their expectations were met above and beyond. Not only is his outdoor lighting different from his neighbors, we were able to deliver lighting with functionality and art.