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Summer Field Day will return in 2022!

Summer Field Day was held on August 1, 2019.



August 1, 2019


Goodmark Nurseries

Wonder Lake, IL


Over 70 exhibitors

Attendee swag bags

Training demos with exhibitors covering plants, equipment, new products, and more

Nursery hayride tours

Feast on your choice of BBQ, Italian, or Mexican food for lunch

Networking concert with a live reggae band

Fun: Beer garden, games, ice cream social, photo booth, raffles, and more!


Education Sessions at Exhibitor Booths


Picture Perfect Plants – Some Great Options for Old Favorites
Presenter: Montale Gardens
Stop by and hear how Montale Gardens is growing hard to find landscape size quality plant material in containers. Mike will also touch on how getting off to the right start with not only nice plants but well amended soils will help create successful long-term landscapes on your jobsites.


How to Start a Monarch Tagging Program
Presenter: Pizzo Native Plant Nursery
During this demo, you will learn how to become part of the Monarch tagging program through Monarch Watch. We will show you the materials needed and explain the entire process while demonstrating how to tag adults, provide meaningful information to the growing data base collected by citizen scientists, and learn which native species host and provide nectar for the Monarch.


Amazing Annuals!
Presenter: RCOP Inc.
Learn why crop rotation and proper irrigation are critical for your success, plus plants you should use to attract beneficial insects.


Russo Robotics
Presenter: Russo Power Equipment
A quick talk by Paul Stebel on how Russo Power is helping to bring Robotic equipment to the landscape trade in order to help save their customers time and money. Come learn how these exciting new product offerings can help enhance your competitive position in the market.


Raise Your Insurance IQ
Presenter: Arachas Group
10 out of 10 people hate insurance, but it is vital to your company. Brian will be sharing some quick down and dirty facts to consider when selecting your insurance agency.


About Goodmark Nurseries, Inc.

Established in 1985, 500+ acre Goodmark Nursery has a rich history of providing high quality nursery stock to clients in Illinois and across the United States. Along with sister nursery South Branch, we specialize in B&B shade, evergreen, ornamental trees, and container trees, shrubs, and perennials. Our fields and 30 acre holding yard are fully irrigated and include acid and fertilizer injections. Please join us for Summer Field Day and enjoy a hayride to see the nursery in action.

The Trees You Plant Today Will Be Growing Long After You Depart

Leave A Goodmark!

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Want to learn more?

Contact Terre Houte ([email protected]) for further information about Summer Field Day.


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Summer Field Day Photos

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