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September 15, 2021

Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Rd
Glencoe, IL 60022


ILCA and the Chicago Botanic Garden have come together to present this comprehensive day of education on lawn care education, products and resources. Lawn care is a big part of many of our businesses and organizations. Whether you choose to subcontract some of those services, or provide them in-house, it is critical to your profitability and customers’ satisfaction to stay informed about the latest turf care products and practices. We are excited to host this day of training and education in-person and is for any professional who cares for and looks after turf.


Sessions Include:

8:30 AM – 8:45 AM

ILCA Advocacy Update – From Grass to Grassroots
Scott Grams, ILCA  

ILCA Executive Director Scott Grams will provide a brief update on state and local political issues that impact the lawn care industry. With Speaker Michael Madigan retiring, the General Assembly is playing by a new set of rules. Peer into the regulatory process the ILCA employs to protect the industry and understand your vital roles as licensed applicators and practitioners.




Avoiding Herbicide Injury to Your Turf
Aaron Patton, PhD, Purdue University

Let’s admit it, we have all injured turf unintentionally at some point with our herbicide application. Learn from the mistakes of others and prevent future errors but understanding the common pitfalls most applicators and companies make. This presentation covers either principles to avoiding herbicide injury. Through a combination of research studies and real-world case studies, this presentation will discuss herbicide rate, cultivar sensitivity, temperature effects, mode of action, herbicide fate, adjuvants, water movement, and the human factor. Learning these principles can prevent your next mistake.



IDA Regulatory Update
Brad Beaver, Illinois Department of Agriculture

Join Brad as he provides an update on the Department Pesticide Programs. He will also address changes to the licensing and certification system, online options for training and testing, and COVID restrictions. Finally, Brad will provide updates on pesticide misuse including issues with posting and notifications.


C20 Soil Builder for Improving the Health of Turf, Trees and Woody Ornamentals by Improving the Soil They Live In
Dr. John Lloyd, Precision Organics

This session will review the importance of porous, healthy, living soil, and the impact soil has on the health and appearance of turf, trees and woody ornamentals surviving in the urban environment. We will review how C20 Soil Builder works, the value to your customers, and how C20 can be used by industry professionals to achieve their goals and/impact their bottom line.



Automation in the Green Industry
Logan Fahey, Robin Auto Pilot

During this session we will dive into the technology helping to evolve the green industry. Specifically, we will cover how robotics are helping landscapers to solve labor demands, reduce costs and improve their environmental footprint. This will include an overview of both residential and commercial units and how they are managed remotely through fleet software.




Management Strategies of Billbugs, Chinch Bugs and Information on Annual Bluegrass Weevil
Chris Williamson, PhD, PBI Gordon

Attendees will be learn the biology (i.e., behavior, life cycle, ecology, damage symptoms, etc.) and appropriate management strategies of Billbugs, Chinch Bugs and Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW). After attending this seminar, turfgrass managers will be equipped with the information to accurately identify billbugs, chinch bugs and Annual Bluegrass Weevils, including potential hosts (turfgrass species), damage symptoms and effective management approaches.


Supply Chain Issues in Turf
Rusty Stachlewitz, Advanced Turf Solutions

This talk will discuss procurement issues within the Green Industry, focusing on Fertilizers, Seed and Plant Protectants.  During the last 18 months there have been many factors that have affected product availability.  You will learn why things are getting more expensive and what you can expect as we head into the future.



Air-8 Liquid Aeration University Study Results and Discussion
John Perry, Greene County Fertilizer 

In 2020, Greene County Fertilizer Company completed year one of a two year study to evaluate Air-8 in comparison to mechanical aeration. In this session John Perry will present data from the trial, give pro’s and cons to both methods, describe the differences in liquid aeration products and include the benefits to your customers and their lawns.




Pigments and Biostimulants – Can You Incorporate Them Into a Homeowner Program?
Dr. Ed Nangle, Ohio State University

Two sets of products that offer an opportunity in an ever evolving market where knowing what they do or how they can help in drought or in a more organic or naturalized home lawn may be of benefit. The benefits of applying a pigment vary but in a dormant lawn offer an instant low environmental impact green color while offering homeowners without irrigation and opportunity to retain a greener lawn in the heat of summer. Biostimulants have many impacts on the plant and in a marketplace where homeowners are developing greater focus on what goes on their lawns – these natural occurring products may offer alternatives to many of our synthetic products – at a price!



Soil Amendments: What? Why? How?

John Gruneisen, Foliar Pak

With soil amendments increasing in interest and popularity, it’s important to really understand why we are interested or choosing to use these tools. In this presentation we’ll explore what they are. We’ll look at the actual multiple reasons growers decide to implement the amendments. Lastly, we’ll explore how the products actually accomplish the solutions we seek.


How Efficient is Your Operation?
Sarah Cummings, SavATree 

Learn how to challenge your mindset on how efficiently your business operates. An efficient operation pays off in profitability, safety, and success; positively impacting your customers and employees. We will discuss simple Lean Six Sigma tools to take the first steps, and how to sustain those results.



Why are these weeds in Lawns so difficult to control now?
Craig Shepherd, Advanced Turf Solutions 

Over the past 10 years we witnessed a shift in Broadleaf & Grassy weed populations in Turfgrass. There are more weeds present and those weeds seem nearly impossible to control. We will examine different active ingredients & application techniques that will help with control of every weed we face in the Chicagoland Region.

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Registration closed on September 12th!

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Want to learn more?

Contact AnneMarie Drufke ([email protected]) for further information about Turf Education Day.

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