WNG Mentorship Program Mission Statement

Facilitate a mentoring program that connects the Women members of ILCA with positive partnerships that will build meaningful relationships within our industry and develop women leaders exponentially.

Please read through the program information and FAQ’s before completing the mentor or mentee applications below.

Mentoring is a special partnership between two individuals based on a commitment to the mentoring process, common goals and expectations, focus, mutual trust, and respect. Mentoring can also encompass activities that allow for transfer of knowledge and skills. Both the mentor and the mentee give and grow in the mentoring process.


To positively impact the lives and careers of Women in the Landscaping Industry by establishing a stronger mindset that a more inclusive and diverse industry is a wholly greater industry for everyone.

To align mentoring as a lifelong learning tool and to ensure the benefits of the program are understood by the Women members of ILCA. Make productive connections and constantly improve the program through open feedback tracking and assessment.

The target audience for the program is women ILCA members willing and able to commit to an 18 week program as a mentor or a mentee. These people have a strong desire to develop and grow their career or to guide the growth of others.

Mentor Description

A mentor is an established member of the industry who is looking to share their knowledge with an aspiring colleague. Mentors have strong communication abilities which are used to guide their mentee throughout the program. A major role of the mentor is to listen to and/or help shape the goals of the mentee. Mentors should be open and easy to talk with and broaden the mentee’s vision while expanding the possibilities in the industry.

Mentee Description

A mentee is an up-and-coming member in the industry who is looking for guidance in their career advancement. Mentees are typically, but not necessarily, at a transition point in their career. Mentees are enthusiastic about the program and open minded to learning opportunities. The mentee comes into the program with a clear goal in mind. The goal is then shared with the mentor and used to drive the program. Mentees have to be willing to share their feelings about the goal and what they believe their biggest challenges are.

ILCA WNG Mentorship Program FAQ

Q:  Who can participate in the Mentor/Mentee program?

A:  A woman ILCA member that is looking to gain or share skills and knowledge through a positive partnership.

Q:  How much does the program cost?

A:  It’s free! Through great volunteers of ILCA this program is possible.

Q:  How can I apply?

A:  See the buttons above to apply as the Women’s Networking Group is always accepting applications for mentors and mentees.

Q:  How long is the program?

A:  There are two (18 week) sessions per year. A summer session (6/15-10/19) and a Winter session (1/15-5/21). Please consider the time of year that this commitment would work best with your schedule.

Q:  What can I gain from this program?

A:  As a mentee you will gain guidance for your career advancement.  Mentees will become connected with industry members through a mentor’s network. You will also gain knowledge and skills while establishing a plan to develop your personal growth that you set for yourself with guidance from your mentor.

As a mentor you will gain knowledge of other areas within our industry. You will also benefit from a fresh perspective by also discussing new challenges faced by up and coming women. Mentors will have a great opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills while also providing your own personal experience and growth in this industry.

Want to learn more?

Contact Marissa Stubler ([email protected]) for further information about the Women’s Networking Group mentorship program.