625 North Michigan Avenue Seasonal Displays

By Clarence Davids & Company

Every year, our client strives to make an impact on The Magnificent Mile by creating Seasonal Displays that are unique and that set them apart from the other gardens on the Avenue. This year, we encouraged the client to pair large bubbling water features with the arching garden arbors to create a ‘garden in the city’ feel on Michigan Avenue. Making the most out of the small spaces of the parkway beds is always an important goal. The scale of the water features and the arbors is unique to the Avenue and softened the building from the street, while also softening the street traffic for the pedestrians. The garden arbors create a stunning sculptural garden gateway to the Avenue supporting beautiful climbing Mandevilla vines with their vibrant pink flowers. The water feature is unique to the avenue and gets a lot of attention from pedestrians and visitors looking for a great photo backdrop.