Apple River Bluestone

By KD Landscape

Nestled among a mature tree canopy, the backyard enclave on Apple River Drive provided both challenges and opportunities with the design and construction. A client wish list with a multitude of details including two bluestone social spaces and strong structural elements was translated into a working plan. Aside from the details, the client requested the most elusive directive, “Make it wow us!” Prior to commencement of construction an arborist was engaged to make sure that construction was sensitive to the existing conservancy. All heavy construction took place between December 1st and March 1st while the trees were dormant. All excavation was done by hand and materials and spoils were ferried in and out by wheelbarrow. With the advent of spring the plants were installed, and the project finalized. With all work completed, the client offered this on the final walkthrough, “I can do better than ‘Wow’. It’s absolutely incredible.”