Backyard Bliss

By Hinsdale Nurseries

Our clients had a vision for a backyard oasis. They were installing both water and fire features and desired to complete the look with low maintenance and colorful natural elements. Our goal was to achieve visually appealing and functional spaces that were easy to maintain, clean and modern, but also traditional enough to match the style of their home. By regrading the area behind the pool, we created greater visual interest, depth and height while simultaneously protecting against washout and flooding. The clean, classy hardscape chosen was lighter and cooler to the touch. Crushed bluestone with steppers near the hot tub’s entrance/exit created a different “room” and served to limit hazards by soaking up excess water. The variegated plant choices used to screen the backyard ensured that a natural and relaxing environment was achieved but also low maintenance enough to truly embody the bliss that this backyard was created for.