Covenant Living of Northbrook

By Balanced Environments, Inc.

Covenant Living of Northbrook, is a 60 acre retirement community. Landscape management includes hundreds of large trees, ornamentals, formal hedges, perennials and acres of turf. Four color rotations at focal points and summer annuals for the majority of campus provide vibrant energy and specifically symmetry for campus signage. A two man crew, 6 days a week, maintain summer annuals and new plantings; only 1/3 of campus has automated irrigation. Each residential foundation planting is customized to reflect its occupant(s) requiring customized management programs for hundreds of plantings on campus. Large, open turf areas are maintained weekly, and receive season specific fertilizer, pest control applications, and irrigation management. A plant “orphanage” garden was crafted in the heart of campus for plants displaced and has become a central campus amenity. Proper management techniques are regionally important as a natural waterway cuts through the property and leads to the Chicago River.