Deer Path Inn – Halloween Display

By Craig Bergmann Landscape Design, Inc.

The display was to be a turn of the century roadside carnival with the main attraction being the World’s Largest One-Eyed Pumpkin. A bold tent and grandstand are meant to attract the public from afar. The World’s Largest One-Eyed Pumpkin, Eyegore, was 1936 pounds. Its arena was covered in its preferred nesting material, straw, in the hopes of allowing her to be comfortable enough to have a family. As a side show attraction, the 3 Flying Pumpkin Brothers soar through 3 flaming rings. Adorned in their family colors, the tutus give motion to the display. Every circus needs a comfortable space for the audience. The stands are full of folks enjoying the show. The day final came. Eyegore’s children finally arrived one morning. They were nursed with bottles and played happily in the pen. In reality, the large pumpkin had rotted from the inside out, and adding the ‘children’ was the solution to keep the display entertaining.