Dusk Delight

By Night Light, Inc.

For this luxury home on a ¾-acre property, the lighting designer/contractor sought to ennoble the property’s natural attributes of tall trees and open vistas, and to emphasize the refined architectural details that characterize the house and outdoor living areas. Dramatic silhouettes, intricate shadow patterns, and textural variations enhance what the home’s architect, builder, landscape architect, and homeowner value most about the property and its built environment. Utilizing proprietary technologies, the lighting approach throughout the property is particular to each area and element – optimizing fixture type, position, light direction, lumen output, beam spread, and color temperature to influence viewpoints, add depth, create visual hierarchies, balance scale, enable particular tasks, establish architectural and spatial continuity, and provide for safe pedestrian movement throughout. Skillful landscape lighting transforms trees into sculptures, surfaces into patterns, and dark vagueness into liveliness. It recognizes, through the manipulation of light, shadow, and color, what daylight often overpowers. The result is truly a Dusk Delight.