Enchanted Parterre

By Topiarius

Our approach to this project was to provide a sense of enchantment to match the home’s architecture. Eccentric detailing provides a perfect backdrop for a garden full of color and personality. This parterre potager had to be gorgeous year-round and provide interest through a mix of perennial, seasonal, and edible plantings. A clean, classic, symmetrical garden is combined with a meandering front path and explosive, colorful plantings. Custom trellises tie the architecture to the garden. The goal for the backyard was simplicity, while matching the home’s character. The focal point is the existing masonry fireplace, around which we centered a new patio. The backdrop is a single row of crabapples set in decorative gravel. Custom carpentry details like the outdoor kitchen cabinets and backsplash help unify the home and garden. Recessed uplights on the trees enliven the space at night, while whimsical path lights mimic curves of the existing porticos.