Lake Barrington Shores Natural Area Management 2019 – 2023

By Davey Resource Group

The Lake Barrington Community Homeowners Association encompasses 8 acres of native landscape infused throughout the residential living spaces surrounding Lake Barrington. The goal of this project was to increase the floristic quality and diversity of native species found within the 8 acres while maintaining a high aesthetic standard. Public education of the residents on the benefits of native plants within the community was a key element to the success of the project. To achieve this goal, invasive trees and shrubs were removed using chainsaws and brush cutters. Their stumps were treated with herbicide and small resprouting invasive woodies were foliar treated with herbicide following the removal. An important element of the follow up maintenance was to not let the woody invasive species reestablish themselves within the natural areas. Perennial and biennial invasive species were controlled using herbicide applications. Annual weeds were controlled by selective mowing and hand pulling. Prescribed burns were conducted throughout the natural areas and supplemental native seed was installed to improve diversity within the native landscape following the burns. Along the walking paths and shoreline tall native species were kept to a height of about 3' using brush cutters. This was done to keep the vegetation from encroaching the use of the walking paths and the view of Lake Barrington. In specific locations around Lake Barrington Shores where aesthetics is paramount, designed landscaped plantings using native plants and leaf mulch were installed. Prairie walks with interested residents educating them on the native vegetation within Lake Barrington Shores and the many benefits they produce for wildlife were conducted. A sponsored 2021 Earth Day/Arbor Day event was held at Lake Barrington Shores where free seed packets of native seed were given to the residents who attended.