Lemont Paradise

By Sunset Falls Ltd

We had an ample budget and were able to use first-rate materials on the design of what we are calling the Lemont Paradise. The great visual attractiveness of the existing home, with its limestone brick walls and stone chimney, enabled us to tie a complementary design in with ease. We faced a challenge with a deep setback, which required us to put the pool fairly close to the home. We overcame the challenge by making the pool long and narrow, anchored by a pavilion. The property is fairly level, but we echoed the height of the house with a stone bench above the waterfall at the back of the pool. A tall wooden fence and ample vegetation help screen the property from the view of other homes. One of our favorite features plays on the owner's request that the pool be bright and sparkly -- not just the water, that is, but the pool itself. We accomplished this by our creation of bespoke metallic tile that catches the sunlight at all hours of the day, affording a brilliant light show.