Less is More . . . Unless It’s a Bore

By Hursthouse Design Build Maintain

From the vantage point of architect Mies Van der Rohe the answers were finely developed but unified in their simplicity. For architect Robert Venturi the design perspective was to eschew simplicity in favor of complex strategies. Offering clean, crisp patio and hardscape lines on this mid-century modern home, the landscape design coincides nicely with Van der Rohe’s thought process. On the other side of the aisle and reflective of Venturi, the planting plan is a woven blend of plants that create ‘happy congestion’ consistent with the Thomas Church approach. Two bluestone patios and a bluestone entry along with poured-in-place walls create the simplicity of line. Handsomely developed landscape beds and a lightly-touched conservancy give a view of the flip side. So which approach is right? Offering both less and more, the landscape design typifies excellence in period design, construction and reflection. Both less and more, but clearly not a bore!