Mid-Century Juxtaposition

By Western DuPage Landscaping, Inc.

Moving from Chicago into this mid-century home, the clients wanted to update their home and landscape to the modern day. For years while living in the city, the clients had enjoyed the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park. As big fans of renowned garden designer Piet Oudolf, they wanted to emulate his approach while also improving some functional and aesthetic elements. Various challenges can occur on a project including timing, scope, grade changes, and managing expectations. The biggest challenge of this project was created by the aesthetic look that the client was inspired by. The landscape architect and company recommended had never designed or installed a landscape of this type before. Along with the request to develop a diverse and interesting planting design, the client wanted to create a new entry, improve the driveway, “freshen up” the retaining wall, all while creating a curb appeal that would do the architecture justice.