Mid-Century Textures

By Hursthouse

Understanding a landscape design is critical to landscape maintenance and this Mid-Century Modern landscape is all about appreciating and connecting with the textures. Perennials are lightly managed, and seasonal containers range from quiet accents to bold statements. Expert thinning of the understory trees demonstrate a commitment to those textures. Perfectly cut bed edges are sharply maintained and the curves are expertly adjusted. Patios are rinsed and blown dry. Patio furniture is charted and put back in place at the end of each visit. Turf is managed organically. Two fall clean-ups are included in the seasonal program. Even windows are washed as part of the landscape maintenance. Precision care and a deep connection to detail provides the textural contrast initially desired by the client. Appreciating the design intent with an eye for coalescing all the plants exemplifies what a comprehensive program can accomplish.