Nurturing a Poem

By Hursthouse Design Build Maintain

Complex landscapes, like epic poetry, are comprised of many parts. And they both require solid interpretation to understand and appreciate them, metaphorically speaking. This expansive landscape on 1.42 acres is like epic poetry in its scope. Thirty-two weekly visits are all inclusive with mowing, pruning, fertilization, bed edging, clean-ups and seasonal rotations included in the comprehensive program. Especially noteworthy is the precision battering of the boxwood hedge in the front garden and the folly (couplet) garden across the road. Groundcovers require intensive care and continual pruning to keep them in sync with other companion plants and the original design intent. Criss-cross or checkerboard mowing at the couplet garden is dynamic and done with pinpoint precision. Caring for epic landscapes is, like interpreting epic poetry, a daunting task that requires dedication, commitment and understanding. Through yearly recitation, maintenance of this timeless landscape is like nurturing a poem.