One Bennett Park

By Moore Landscapes, LLC

One Bennett Park includes a 1.7-acre public park and an extravagant 70-story skyscraper. The client’s intent is to provide an outdoor experience on par with the luxury building. The park is situated over a below-ground parking garage, so it has minimal soil. Soil erosion is a huge problem. Irrigation leaks are difficult to detect and trace, as water disperses in the geofoam sub-base. Over 300 dogs visit the park daily. The park offers four distinct areas for play, recreation and relaxation. To combat soil compaction from overuse, turf receives biannual aeration treatments. The maintenance crew spends 20 hours per week on bed and turf care to create the clean, crisp look management prefers. Trees and shrubs receive extra nutrients via seasonal root feeding and are pruned to maintain clear sight lines. The client’s expectation of a best-in-class outdoor experience is achieved through careful resource allocation and tremendous attention to detail.