Paradise Found

By Lightscape, Inc.

The homeowners wanted to create a safe, inviting outdoor environment to enjoy with friends, family, and grandchildren in the evening. Throughout the front yard, up-and-down lighting produces a sense of security and displays key features of the prairie landscape. From the driveway, one is guided through the parking area with down lighting and onward finds front-door entry. Soon after, one notices a soft glow emanating from the walkway with several path lights along the right-hand side guiding one to the rear yard safely. Progressing through the walkway, mature and younger trees radiate from the distance with up-lighting forming a pleasant backdrop, depth, and spectacular focal points. Upon arriving at the rear yard, down-lighting shines down onto the swings and a sculptural tree house that is easy on the eyes and extends playtime after dark where the fun times can be enjoyed by everyone.