Ravine Restored

By Mariani Landscape

This is not the first time a ravine has been restored—however, it might be the first time one has been restored like this. The landscape team took a historic ravine that had been deeply eroded by excessive storm water, destabilized and rendered unusable—and they transformed it entirely. Working with multiple stakeholders and addressing a multitude environmental concerns, the team was able to completely restore the 650-foot long, 30-foot deep ravine back to a natural, sustainable state. Perhaps even more impressive than the over 7.5 million pounds of stone and soil; nearly 28,000 trees, shrubs and perennials; the million pounds of limestone used in gabion baskets; the 2.6 million pounds of Wisconsin stone, most placed by hand, is the fact that today, none of the engineering and construction is visible. The ravine reigns--stabilized and naturalized, ready to be enjoyed every season of the year for generations to come.