St. Charles Oasis

By Grant & Power Landscaping, Inc.

The homeowners had two goals. Simplify the transition from the driveway to the front door and create a living space in back with distinct ‘rooms’ for entertainment. The main challenges were the rolling terrain and mature trees. In front, an outcropping wall allowed for the reduction in the number of risers between the drive and front door by. Veneer was mortared to the steps and stone columns at the entry. In back, entertaining spaces were created by reshaping the terrain, creating a terraced landscape. The upper patio can accommodate many guests. The lower patio features a pool deck, pavilion, fireplace, kitchen, and bar. Another kitchen nearer the home provides for easy grilling. Mortared walls keep the slopes at bay and four stairways provide for easy transitions. LED landscape lighting was incorporated throughout the landscape. The result is a beautiful and functional landscape that exceeds the homeowners’ wishes!