St. Charles Oasis

By Sunset Falls Ltd

We had an ample budget and were able to use first-rate materials on the design of what we are calling the St. Charles Oasis. The property is attractive and large, giving us a broad canvas on which to execute our design. The owner's request that the pool be highlighted by an "evil eye" talisman to ward off malevolent spirits and bad luck added to our visual and cultural education, and we were glad to commission an artist to get the job done. The property invites relaxation at every turn, from the sitting area alongside the ornamental pool to the fun and surprisingly fast, slide that leads into the swimming pool. At the far end of the pool, another sitting area before a firepit affords a wide view of the entire back yard, allowing the owners to appreciate every corner of what truly is a restful oasis that evokes their Mediterranean homeland and their new home in Illinois.