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This workshop was held on March 25-26, 2019
Using SketchUp and Lumion for Digital Design and Visualization
Join the founder and principal of Chinook Landscape Architecture, Jon Altschuld

Join ILCA and Daniel Tal protégé Jon Altschuld for a 2-day digital design workshop – Using SketchUp and Lumion for Digital Design and Visualization! The workshop will be held at the NIU Naperville computer lab where you will get to use the software and follow along with Jon, while getting personalized guidance. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


Day 1 – Basics
We will cover the basics of Sketch Up for anyone just getting started or needing a refresher. Topics covered include navigation, selections tool, basic modeling, importing a site plan, modeling simple walls and steps. We will also do an introduction of extensions, automated modeling and other tools to assist your design. Finally, we will learn how to go from CAD to Sketch Up, do a demonstration of tools and extensions and then show you how drone technology is enhancing landscape design.


Day 2 – Grading & Rendering
Now that you are familiar with some basic functions of Sketch Up, we will go over the basic Lumion rendering with Sketch Up. We’ll introduce you to site grading in the morning, then spend the afternoon learning about digital elevation modeling, Sketch Up graphics, animations and when to ask for help in doing 3D modeling.


View some of Jon’s work below!

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Want to learn more?

Contact AnneMarie Drufke ([email protected]) for further information about the Digital Design Workshop.


Member Rate (ILCA/ILASLA): $600

Non-Member Rate: $1,000


Northern Illinois University – Naperville

1120 E. Diehl Road, Naperville IL 60563

Jon Altschuld

Jon is the founder and principal of Chinook Landscape Architecture. He is experienced in the design of natural areas, trails and open spaces, river corridors, parks, streetscapes, and an expert in ecological restoration projects. In addition to ecological restoration, Jon has an expertise in emerging technologies such as 3D modeling and visualization, and the use of drones/UAVs for site data collection. Jon holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Landscape Horticulture, as well as a Master’s of Landscape Architecture with a focus in landscape restoration and reclamation. In addition to being a registered Landscape Architect in the state of Colorado, he also holds an FAA Remote Pilot Certification.